Where I’m Headed…


I’ve come to a point in my life where some much needed change has to take place…soon! I never pictured myself unemployed, basically homeless and broke in my 30’s. That just wasn’t part of the plan!!! Neither was sacrificing myself completely for a man that never would appreciate me no matter I did.

So…the plan is to rebuild myself better than ever and never allow myself to be torn down again. I WILL set an example for my kids and show them how to be successful and most of all…be happy!

Recently, some friends and I came up with this great idea to start an online bar tending school like no other. Having been a bartender for quite some time I was all in!

Our goal is to solve problems for others struggling like ourselves and provide them with an opportunity to find that “perfect job”! And the best thing of all is it affordable to anyone willing to put in the effort. How does FREE sound to everyone?? Sounds crazy, huh?

My goal is to be self-sufficient and better than I ever thought before within one year. This school is my path to getting there and it can be yours as well.

Look at the picture I posted above and think to yourself, “What are my chains and how do I break them?” I’m ready to be free…who’s with me??


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