What a Weekend!!!

Wow….what a weekend I had! In fact, I’m still recovering!

Friday night….blind date! He wasn’t as cute as his pics he sent me but from what I hear that’s pretty common with online dating…lol! Oh well, he was super tall and drove a nice car!

I’m new to the dating scene so tell me if this is a little crazy please. My Friday night date text me the next day asking if he could see me again or if I had another date already lined up. So me being the honest person I am, I tell him I probably have a date next Saturday. He instantly gets mad and starts to preach to me about how he’s old-fashioned and doesn’t believe in dating women that are seeing other people. Wtf?! We had one date…and it wasn’t even that good!!! Can someone say stalker??

Saturday night…hang out with a girlfriend. First, we had plans to go to Haunted Hill and they quickly fell through. So we decide to get a bite to eat and head to the bar in the town I live in. Keep in mind, I’m at my friend’s house 25 miles away and at her mercy since I didn’t have my jeep. So…we get our bite to eat and then I get a text from my friend asking if I can find a ride back to my house! Hello?! Are you seriously ditching me after begging me to come to your house and hang out? And in a text and that!! Long story short…I found a ride home with a guy that turned out to be from my hometown, works with the guy that owns the bar where I hang out and I graduated high school with his little brothers. Small world, huh?

Maybe I don’t need to meet guys on a dating website after all! I just needed a friend to ditch me!!! My hero ended up being one of the nicest guys I have met in a long time and he even drove back to see me the next day. I know what a perfect gentleman acts like…although it is kind of scary!



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