Let’s Get Naked!!!

As I’ve already posted before, I’m part of a team that is starting an awesome online bartending school that is coming along fabulously!!! We have our beginner bartending about halfway finished and hope to be up and running next week! I’m so excited!!!!!

Of course, we decided to think out of the ordinary and try something that no one else has done…yet! Everyone knows that sex appeal sells! No matter what your gender, age or sexual preference, we all love hot bodies. We love it even more when those hot bodies are doing something we enjoy watching. No…I’m not talking about porn!!! Instead, I am talking about naked bartending! What could be better than learning how to make the most awesome drinks your lips have tasted? How about learning it from a hot girl that is topless??? It kind of refers back to the song, “Titties and Beer!” That’s what people want and that’s what we’re giving them!

So stay tuned for updates folks! Who knows what we will come up with next! You might even learn some exciting new ideas for alcohol-infused whipped cream! Don’t forget to put the cherry on top! 😉

Until next time guys…happy drinking!

The Intoxicator


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