A life with love may have thorns… a life without love has no roses!

Everyone has baggage from past relationships, but the person who really matters is the one that will stand there and help you “unpack.”

How many chances are too many?? And what if you had gotten over someone who broke your heart and now wants you back? This is my dilemma!

Life is too short not to be with the one who sets your heart on fire, changes your soul and completes you!

I spent over a year sacrificing my beliefs and who I am, just to be with someone who threw me away in the end…

I may have a heart of gold…but it’s protected by a wall of steel.

My ex-boyfriend had even moved on and had moved another girl into OUR house.  Then one night, after I had gotten blown off by another guy I was starting to like, we saw each other and he wanted to know what was wrong. For some reason I opened up and told him my problems. This was the first time we had talked since our horrible break-up. I found myself crying as he actually seemed concerned and gave me genuine advice. After a few beers, he admitted that he missed me and what his problems were in our relationship and we agreed to always be friends. The next evening, my ex stopped by my office to take a look at my car that I’d been having issues with. Needless to say the car never got looked at! We decided to get a drink and couldn’t leave each other’s side until 4:30 in the morning. A man who was usually very unemotional and callous, broke out in tears telling me how much he loved me and missed the hell out of me! He was proud to see the new independence and strength I had gained since our separation and said he actually found it sexy! Since that evening we have been together almost every day and have opened up and been brutally honest about things that we could never address during our relationship. So could this be it?? Can people change? My walls are up and I’m second guessing things almost daily. Being with him has just felt right…but should I let my guard completely? And what if I get hurt again??


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