A life with love may have thorns… a life without love has no roses!

Everyone has baggage from past relationships, but the person who really matters is the one that will stand there and help you “unpack.”

How many chances are too many?? And what if you had gotten over someone who broke your heart and now wants you back? This is my dilemma!

Life is too short not to be with the one who sets your heart on fire, changes your soul and completes you!

I spent over a year sacrificing my beliefs and who I am, just to be with someone who threw me away in the end…

I may have a heart of gold…but it’s protected by a wall of steel.

My ex-boyfriend had even moved on and had moved another girl into OUR house.  Then one night, after I had gotten blown off by another guy I was starting to like, we saw each other and he wanted to know what was wrong. For some reason I opened up and told him my problems. This was the first time we had talked since our horrible break-up. I found myself crying as he actually seemed concerned and gave me genuine advice. After a few beers, he admitted that he missed me and what his problems were in our relationship and we agreed to always be friends. The next evening, my ex stopped by my office to take a look at my car that I’d been having issues with. Needless to say the car never got looked at! We decided to get a drink and couldn’t leave each other’s side until 4:30 in the morning. A man who was usually very unemotional and callous, broke out in tears telling me how much he loved me and missed the hell out of me! He was proud to see the new independence and strength I had gained since our separation and said he actually found it sexy! Since that evening we have been together almost every day and have opened up and been brutally honest about things that we could never address during our relationship. So could this be it?? Can people change? My walls are up and I’m second guessing things almost daily. Being with him has just felt right…but should I let my guard completely? And what if I get hurt again??


Momma’s Got a New Ride!!!


Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m a jacked-up truck girl all the way! Until three days ago, I was sporting around in a 1990 Jeep Wrangler with a 4 inch lift and 33×12.50 tires and absolutely loved it!!!! However, when you have a bipolar ex-boyfriend that promised to make all your repairs and then suddenly decided to date a 22 yr old girl, it kind of puts a damper on things! Needless to say, I couldn’t afford to pay a mechanic to make the repairs the jeep needed.

So…to craiglist the Jeep went! I ended up trading my jeep straight across for a 2002 Mustang GT. I’m a huge muscle car fan so I was super excited!!!! I love the deep rumble of a V8! Of course the Mustang has some demons of it’s own, but nothing (hopefully) major!

I’ve only had the Mustang a few days but I’m really enjoying it! On the other hand, I’m not enjoying the two tickets I’ve already gotten. The first night I drove it home after trading, I got pulled over and got a citation for no plates or insurance yet! It was always my understanding you had thirty days to transfer plates. Not according to the young, new officer I encountered.

So the next day I transferred the insurance from the Jeep to the Mustang which kind of stung a little bit. Of course the bad luck kept coming though. I had to get it inspected even though the previous owner had done it last month because he forgot to give me the slip for the inspection. Really?! What else? So…later that evening when I get into town, there’s the same cop from last night! He follows me home and parks behind me in my driveway and proceeds to become very rude and say he could impound my car because he told me not to drive! I know there had to be some criminal activity somewhere that required his attention a hell of a lot more attention from him than my lack of license plates!

Long story short, it’s been a hell of a week! But two tickets and a little bit of cash later, my car is good to go! Now to watch out for those speeding tickets….

Dodge Adds AWD Option to Hemi-Powered 2014 Charger Pursuit Police Cars – Ruge’s Dodge

Ruge's CDJ

2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit Police Package

2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit, in a typical shady alley and without all-wheel drive

As bad-ass as Dodge’s Charger Pursuit police car looks, the rear-drive cop car’s, ahem, pursuit skills potentially face limitations in inclement weather—until now. Dodge is introducing all-wheel drive as an option for cop Chargers for 2014; the new drive configuration will be available only on Charger Pursuit models equipped with the 370-hp, 5.7-liter Hemi V-8.

The police Charger’s all-wheel-drive system is shared with the civilian versions of Chrysler’s Charger and 300 sedans. That means it features the same front-axle-disconnect setup as those pedestrian sedans, which automatically de-couples the front wheels from the driveline when they’re not needed, aiding fuel economy. Fleet customers still will be able to order the rear-wheel-drive V-8 Charger Pursuit, in addition to the rear-wheel-drive V-6 model.

Chrysler did not reveal what kind of fuel economy to expect from the AWD Charger…

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